Friday, March 19, 2010

Tangled 2 Preview

You might have heard already, Tangled 2 is coming soon! I've been very hard at work on this sequel and I hope everyone will love it. I am planning to submit Tangled 2 to Apple for approval this weekend or early next week, so it should be in the AppStore soon.

What's so exciting about Tangled 2? Well the most exciting feature is the new Action game mode. This takes the basic Tangled puzzle game to a whole new level. The goal of the game is similar, you want to untangle the dots, when a dot is untangled (all the attached lines are untangled) it disappears and you get points. At certain interval more dots will appear and after a while you will move to the next level where more dots appear. The game ends once there's too many dots on the screen. I would love if you would take the time to respond to the poll on the right. Thanks ;)

Here's a quick list of all the new features in Tangled 2:
- New Action mode
- New Graphics by Joel Espaillat Rodriguez
- New Music by Kevin MacLeod
- New Puzzles for the Regular mode (puzzles from Tangled 1 will also be included)
- Open Feint integration (High scores and Achievements)
- Small stuff like a proper resume (the game will remember the EXACT state the puzzle was in when you left so you can pick it right back up
- Many bug fix (most of the code has been rewritten, there's barely any traces of Tangled 1 left)

Here's some screenshots (who doesn't love screenshots), you can click them for a larger version. The third one is a puzzle you'll remember if you played the original ;) and the last one is the new Action mode, I will post a video of that mode soon since a screenshot doesn't do it justice:

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