Thursday, September 8, 2011

Tangled available for free for a limited time!

If you don't already own the original version of Tangled I would suggest you head to the AppStore right now and grab it for FREE !! The reception has been GREAT so far and we're close to breaking the Top25 free applications!


  1. Tangled 2 is not good you can't see what line is on top

  2. Hey Billie - I'd like to talk with you about advertising. Can you please let me know how to reach you? Thanks, Jon
    jon.burke (at)

  3. I updated to the newest version 3.5.2 and now only the Random puzzles are in the game everything else needs to be bought. Also the spacing between the Easy, Medium and Hard level buttons are too widely spaced and the Hard button is pretty much hidden from view at the bottom of the screen. I really enjoy this game and I know you were planing on making it a paying game after a while, but on your site as well as on Apple's it still shows as it being offered for free. I'm just wondering if it's supposed to be free as it was before or is it now a need to purchase game?