Sunday, April 19, 2009

(FREE) Tangled Lite has been released for iPhone and iPod Touch!

You can now try Tangled for free!

Download it here


  1. It's an amazing game! I love it! Rated it 5 star on itunes.

    (no, I am not a friend or related in any ways with Billy :-P)

    The only critics are the missing sound and music and the touchscreen is a bit messy sometimes.

  2. Right now, when finish a puzzle, the screen immediately clears and goes to the next stage.

    Small feature request:
    When we finish a puzzle, have a pop up message that gives 2 options: "Stay Here" and "Next Puzzle"

    If "Stay Here" is selected, then it lets us remain on the puzzle so we can look at the finished puzzle (e.g., allows us to show people the finished puzzle). When we are ready for the next puzzle we can just click on the "Home" button in the upper left corner and then go to "resume game" on the main menu.

    If "Next Puzzle" is selected then it goes to the next puzzle.

    I hope you can do this, thank you!