Monday, April 6, 2009

Sales stats for the week

As promised here's the sales stats for Tangled on it's first week:

Mar 30 - 74
Mar 31 - 53
Apr 1 - 31
Apr 2 - 23
Apr 3 - 15
Apr 4 - 20
Apr 5 - 15

So the sales were great at first but unfortunately they have dropped considerably, Tangled 1.1 has already been submitted to Apple and it looks great compared to the first version. Once the new version hits the Apple store I expect sales to be greater (and hopefully a bit more consistent), since it will be one of the best iPhone/iPod version of this game.

I want to thank everyone who purchased Tangled and I really hope that you've enjoyed the game, I have more features planned to make it even better!

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